Ethiopia Buriso Amaje | espresso

Buriso Amaje | natural

Earl grey, papaya, blueberry. Intense floral aromas and notes of milk chocolate to finish

  • Region: Dambi, Bensa, Sidama
  • Producer: Buriso Amaje
  • Altitude: 2050 masl.
  • Preparation: natural | The coffee is processed and dried at Buriso’s family home. Like many small producers in Ethiopia, Buriso is still producing only natural coffee, since that is the tradition and they don’t have access to a pulping machine.
  • Variety: 74158 & 74160 | These varieties were selected from wild plants in the Metu-Bishari forest in the Illuababora zone in Western Ethiopia. They’re widely distributed varieties across Ethiopia and were selected for their resistance to CBD and high yield. 
  • Crop: 2018/2019